If you consult a tech blog for nursing, you’ll find that there are several reasons why people choose it as a career. The better reasons emerge, however, if you beyond the people who simply build a website out of the profession, and talk to the people who really live out the profession. Thus, if you wanted to know why a person would choose nursing over and above any other career choice, it’s still best to talk to a nurse.

In trying to understand these nurses, then, it’s also important to understand their motivations. At the same time, if you’re thinking of getting into such a career, you might also want to clarify your options and intentions. To help you and get you moving, here’s a list of the most common (as well as the not so common) reasons for wanting to get into nursing.

Top Reasons Why People Choose Nursing as A Career

First of all, if you’re into endless learning, then you can get that from the nursing field. In this field, the opportunities for you to learn and flourish skill-wise are endless. While every job has its challenges, the demands and rewards of nursing can vary depending on the setting. Most nurses will tell you that no day is ever the same, and each day offers a variety of challenges that keeps you learning and excited about the profession.

Second, in terms of mobility in career, nursing is among one of the more advanced career paths. Registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NP) can work in a wide variety of places. You can be on the front lines in trauma care. You can work in public health or in a community health setting. If you are interested in the legal system, you could be a nurse consultant. If teaching is more your style, you can be an educator, or work with children. You name it, you can be it (at least if you’re a nurse).

Third, a career in nursing also offers you a lot of opportunities for you to work with and collaborate with other professions. Very often nurses work with a team of health-care professionals. Sometimes nurses will lead the team by managing and coordinating the care of people or planning, implementing, and evaluating programs.

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3 thoughts on “Why Be A Nurse

  1. As a nurse, I am happy to help patients but it is so demanding job that after duty I get so exhausted.

  2. In medical field really you will see all blood and all that stuff but I guess this is my passion and proud of it!

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